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April 22nd, 2011

2041 asks Alumni- What are you doing for Earth Day?

Earth Day 2011, which here at 2041, we feel is every day. We see more people getting involved than ever before with hopeful changes upon the horizon. We reached out to our Alumni to see what they will be doing to mark this day.

208247_108642395886549_100002223675429_92767_833799_n-1Janet Morris of IAE 2011 has created an inspiring class for the annual internal employee family event “HP Bring Your Inventor to Work Day” where HP employees bring their children into the work place. Janet states, “There are classes on a variety of topics, most centered around Earth Day and being more sustainable.”
She will challenge children to board the “Antarctic Sustainability Expedition” and become an environmental polar explorer. They will experience the vivid colors, sights and sounds of the Antarctic Peninsula though a zodiac excursion presentation. Then they will further use their imaginations where they will create hands on and fun project surrounded by sustainability to round out their Antarctica adventure. Janet says that “together, we’ll explore why Antarctica is important to the overall health of our planet and what steps we can take to help reduce our individual carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Embrace the Challenge!”

Jason2041 Team Leader Jason Flesher will also be celebrating Earth Day by being a presenter for the Point Reyes National Seashore Association (PRNSA) to discuss “how climate change is affecting the ecosystems of Antarctica and Point Reyes. Jason Flesher, PRNSA’s intrepid Field Seminars Director will be sharing stunning photos and stories from 2041 IAE 2011.

JCL_0286-1Anne Kershaw, 2041 CEO, is working with the students are her son’s school –Glenshire Elementary, California– to reduce their energy use. Anne will give a presentation to the school on how we waste energy and water at school and at home. All of the students will be asked to take on the energy challenge. Each will be given a “I am an Energy Warrior” wrist band (100% recycled) and be asked to take their family utility bills from last month, work to reduce them this month by switching off lights, unplugging all appliances at night, watching less TV and using less water. At the end of the next billing cycle all students will bring in their usage and Anne will calculate with the students how much energy was saved. In addition, Energy Monitors have been selected for each class at the school. They will do the same and calculate the energy saving for the school at the end of the next month. They will post on the 2041 website how much energy was saved by the students overall.

Yuli Petkova (IAE 2008) and Lauren Wylie (IATE 2009) spoke to 400 kids at Willard School in New Jersey where they were the keynote speakers for a big Earth Day celebration. You can see their efforts and innovative ideas at their green school website, Willard Green!
Lauren and Rob-1Also, on Thursday, Lauren hosted a big fair in the lobby of her office building in New York. “We had lots of vendors, giveaways, and a raffle. About 1000 people attended and we painted a “Commitment Tree” on the window. People filled out green post-it notes with their commitment, and stuck it on the tree.”

We are now at a time where people everywhere are aware that a change needs to happen to protect our earth. Through sustainability, renewable energy and action we can do this, and now is the time. “The challenge in the world today is not the lack of information; it is the lack of inspiration. Our job is to inspire people – to get them to believe the journey is possible – by showing them small, achievable steps.” – Robert Swan, OBE

Let’s make every day Earth Day.