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August 8th, 2013

3rd E-Base Construction Moving Along

The third e-base that is constructed in Ladakh, India and is being inducted during the opening of the Global Himalayan Expedition is nearly complete. With many of the team traveling to Leh as we speak, the final touches and testing is being completed.  We wish everyone a safe journey and really looking forward to connecting with the e-base when it is live.

Here are some recent articles published that introduce the e-base’s generous sponsors, those involved and more details of the construction and process.

Global Himalayan Expedition in Ladakh: 11 Days -Tri Adventure- 25 participants – 6 Nations- 1 Cause” in The Breaking Tourist News

Powered Fully on Renewable Energy, The E-Base Has Been Technologically Supported by Luminous Power Technologies LTD” in the Indian News and Times.

E-base in Ladakh, India will receive on average 300 days of sun.