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October 5th, 2010

A Global Warming Project

Recently, we received an email from a 13 year old girl in India who is concerned about the impact global warming is having on our world. She first became aware of global warming after researching potential causes of the 2004 Tsunami, which was an event that impacted her greatly. Since then, she has been committed to spreading awareness and educating others on the subject of global warming. Here is her most recent effort, in her own words:

I felt that children are always attracted towards cartoon and animation. So I have done a 2d animation on global warming mainly to make children know the causes and effects of Global Warming. If they understand what is global warming they try to avoid things against global warming………..
This global warming 3 min project is done continuously for 10 hours without break before the audience at a mall in Chennai, just to create awareness about global warming and its causes to the people.
I would request you to promote this message to children across the world and use my animation to spread awareness of global warming.

We are happy to oblige with her request to share this message! Please click here to view her wonderful animated video about global warming.