Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel’s involvement with Robert Swan and the 2041 organization officially began in 2006. A partnership was established designed to promote the company’s sustainability efforts and to inspire employees to take more of an active interest. There was also a strong focus on using Robert Swan’s drive, energy and incredible experiences as a Polar explorer to help develop the potential of young leaders throughout the organization.

Since then, Akzo Nobel has significantly strengthened its relationship with 2041. Not only has Robert Swan given presentations at various events throughout the organization, but an agreement has also been reached for the company to participate in 2041’s Leadership on the Edge program from 2008 to 2010.

Rob and Akzo Nobel team

A total of 12 Akzo Nobel employees will be involved in the 2008 Antarctica expedition. As well as offering an exciting opportunity to take part in a unique leadership development course, the Akzo Nobel participants will also work on sustainable, innovative business cases, which will be further developed while in Antarctica and then implemented upon returning to work.

By participating in Robert Swan’s unique Leadership on the Edge program in Antarctica, we are encouraging the company’s future leaders to act as real ambassadors within the organization and use their new-found knowledge and inspiration to incorporate sustainable leadership into their jobs and everyday life. It also underlines Akzo Nobel’s commitment to focusing on value creation through sustainability, which was recognized in 2007 when the company was ranked at number one in the chemicals sector on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.