BP’s involvement with 2041 first began in 2002, when Robert embarked on the World Leaders ‘Local Mission’ challenge in South Africa. It was here that Robert took the sailboat ‘2041’ on the longest overland mission to the second World Summit for Sustainable Development.



Keynote speaker

In 2006 Robert was invited to speak at the annual conference for BP’s Gas, Power and Renewables Division where he spoke on leadership and teamwork to an international audience.


Antarctic Adventures: Leadership on the Edge

During the 2006 Inspire Antarctic Expedition BP sent eight people from their organization to join the Leadership on the Edge program in Antarctica. The team produced daily blogs for the BP website and several articles were produced telling their story on their return.


The Voyage for Cleaner Energy

The 2041 ‘Voyage for Cleaner Energy’ began in April 2008 on the west coast of the USA. We were proud to have BP’s Alternative Energy as our primary sponsor for the first phase of the four-year mission.

Our sailboat ‘ 2041’ follows Robert to each port as he takes his message around the world. ‘2041’ is be equipped with a bio-diesel engine and cutting edge solar technologies.

Presentations by Robert inspire individuals through leadership, persistence and personal responsibility to encourage decision makers in government and industry to implement necessary change. The ‘Voyage for Cleaner Energy’ lecture series provided a forum to select an International Alumni, an international team of young people who will work with Robert and local government to ask those in power to implement policy change to reduce carbon emissions around the world.