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July 10th, 2013

Alumni Spotlight: Oli Wheeldon, IAE 2013

Based in England, Oliver Wheeldon is a talented student and artist. Familiar with different mediums of art, Oli began painting at age 10 and has done photography for a number of years. Day or night, on the Expedition,  Oli could be found with a camera or sketch pad in hand carefully taking in the diverse Antarctic landscapes. Inspired by majestic places like Neko Harbor and The Lemaire Channel, Oli created two particular stunning paintings:

The Lemaire Channel, March 2013

Oli explains the deeper meaning behind his work of art: “Painted with coal, petrol and oil, based on the idea that when viewed from a distance it is a landscape, but when people get closer it becomes a mess, because of fossil fuels.” Symbolically, Oli’s piece acts as an extended metaphor for mankind, “getting closer to exploiting Antarctica, and more natural beauty being spoiled”.

To see more of Oli’s work check out his bog and 12-image portfolio: www.antarctica2013.blogspot.com