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June 19th, 2013

An Inspirational Note

In late April Robert Swan spent a few weeks in Hong Kong where he had the opportunity to engage with students at the Hong Kong Academy. At the Academy, Robert presented for three different age groups: Early Childhood, Upper Primary and Secondary Students. Here Robert highlighted the importance of our youth’s role in the environment and discussed how the application of clean renewable energy can be used to better the environment. Robert’s visit inspired one particular Secondary student, Lucus Eliot, to develop a plan of action on his own: supporting Robert Swan and 2041’s mission. Jennifer Eliot, Director of the Hong Kong Academy said, “Lucus invited his guests to make a donation to 2041 if they wished to participate. Additionally, Lucus contributed his own money earmarked for charitable donations.”

A big thank you to Lucus and his peers for the ongoing support!

Lucus’s letter to Robert with regards to the donation

Hong Kong Academy students pose with Robert Swan