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International Antarctic Expeditions

2041 led the first corporate expedition to Antarctica in 2003, during which 42 people from 18 nations joined Robert on his ‘Leadership on the Edge’ program. Since then, over 700 corporate leaders, educators, students and entrepreneurs from around the world have experienced Antarctica with the 2041 team.

IAE 2015 is 13 March through 25 March 2015

On 13 March, join us in Ushuaia, Argentina for the start of our International Antarctic Expedition 2015 (IAE 2015). With our carefully selected team, you will explore the Antarctic Peninsula with our on-board experts and will gain firsthand knowledge of the continent’s fragile ecosystem, experience its unique wildlife and observe the magnificent landscape of Antarctica, all while learning about climate change and what we can do to protect the last great wilderness on Earth. To learn more about IAE 2014 and 2041, please email: expeditions@2041.com or call: +1 530 587 2041

Antarctica: the last great wilderness on earth

The Antarctic continent is one of the most remote, inhospitable environments on earth. Harsh and inaccessible, covered by over 5 million square miles of solid ice, it is the world’s highest, driest coldest and windswept continent. The lowest recorded temperature in Antarctica was -89 Celsius (Volstok Station). No place on earth provides a more demanding environment to face the ultimate leadership challenge. Here the Inspire Antarctic Expedition (IAE) program focuses on leadership, teamwork and personal development.

Robert Swan and the 2041 team will lead an international team of corporate leaders, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, teachers and young people on a journey through the Antarctic Peninsula, visiting incredible locations and sharing his insights and personal experiences of this unique continent along the way.

Working with a group of on-board experts, IAE team members will take time to truly become inspired by the unique experience that is Antarctica.Team members will not only enjoy an ideal setting for personal development, but they will also be uniquely positioned to share their experiences and knowledge gained with their colleagues, friends and families back home.

Watch the full version video of IAE below, and read our 2013 expedition’s blog here.


The Leadership on the Edge program applies Robert’s personal experiences as a leader from the past three decades of successes and failures to those who want to develop their own unique leadership skills.

The program helps equip people to become inspired leaders who deliver extraordinary results in a rapidly changing and always challenging environment.

Throughout the voyage, the Leadership on the Edge program will build participants’ team and leadership skills and provide a suitable environment to debate key issues facing Antarctica and the planet at large.

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