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January 18th, 2013

Team to run the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

2041 would like to wish Robert Swan and Hasita Bhammar the best of luck on their upcoming Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon  Half-Marathon. Following an extensive six month training period, Robert and Hasita will complete 13.1 miles on Sunday, 20-January. We’re extremely proud of our 2012 Alumni and champion Hasita and of course, Robert. Good Luck!


December 4th, 2012

Change in China

It’s evident that collaboration plays a key role in sustainability. Corporations like Alstom recognize the importance of setting long term environmental goals. For instance, nearly 25% of the world’s power production capacity depends on Alstom technology and services; hence, why Alstom is continuously supporting renewable energy application (Alstom, 2012).

On Thursday, 29th November, 2012 Robert Swan presented for Alstom’s GM Briefing dinner event in Tianjin, Binhai at the Crowne Plaza. Upon arrival, Robert received a site tour of Alstom Hydro China: a hydro instillation base focused on hydro turbines and generators. Following Alstom’s events, Robert made his way to the International School of Tianjin where students, grades 3-12, faculty, and staff were able to enjoy a presentation by Robert. While at IST, Robert challenged students to develop ‘green classrooms’—an outlet for teaching green and living green.

Beijing, China—Robert met with YVI members, co-organizers of the Peking University lecture. Also working towards environmental protection, YVI, Youth Voice International, is an organization that strives to connect activism in young people’s lives. Through the use of technology, YVI collaborates regularly with individuals all over the globe. Their organization functions as a platform for developing partnerships between scholars, corporate companies, media outlets youth, and more.

1st, December 2012, Peking University: Robert had the opportunity to meet and present for students at Peking University in Beijing. As Peking University places an emphasis in applied sciences, social sciences, sciences of medicine, management, and education, University students were able to apply their academia and global experiences to Robert’s presentation and Antarctic experiences. Also at Peking University, Robert was reunited with fellow IAE Alumni. Here, he learned more about their current professional roles and how their skills will continuously support efforts for creating a sustainable world.

Chen Jiliang (2010 IAE), Wang Yueyue(2009 IAE), Yi Ru (2009, IAE), Rui Luo (2008, IAE)

Jiliang works for Antarctica Ocean Alliance, China coordinator, Yueyue works for MARS, Sustainability and fair trade products, Ru is rogram officer of Executive Education Program in School of Management, Peking University, Rui works for ICF International, on energy and low carbon strategy consulting

Also at the university, Robert collaborated with the student association, CDM. CDM—known as Clean Development Mechanism or Creative Decision Making—focuses on climate change and low-carbon energy, as well as any relativity in China. CDM Club also co-organized the Peking University lecture and similarly shares a goal of creating a more sustainable world. Additionally, CDM CLUB, 6E Plus strives to help develop a new breed of global green leaders by combining the academic resources and aptitude at Peking University.

Overall, China was an excellent collaborative link between business, academia, alumni, and the communities. Special thanks to Bruno Godin of Alstom and Rui Lou of ICF International for all your organizational efforts and consistent support.

Rob at Peking University in Beijing


August 20th, 2012

Netherlands Reunion

Fortunately, many of the Alumni Members from the Netherlands were able to meet up for a reunion last month. They discussed all that has happened since their journey to the frozen continent and helped each other reignite the icy spark to make dreams happen.



October 14th, 2011

2011 Net Impact ‘Force of Change Award’ goes to Darren McGann

2041 would like to send a colossal congratulations to Darren McGann, 2041 Alumni member who attended IAE 2011.  The Net Impact Force of Change Award recognizes members “who has gone above and beyond their regular role as a student or employee to create a more sustainable and just society through the power of business.  See how Darren created a change in the video below. Great job Darren!

August 31st, 2011

Rob meets with 2011 Alumni Member Isabella Ko

On a recent visit to Hong Kong for lectures, Robert Swan had a chance to meet up with IAE 2011 Alumni Member Isabella Ko. Isabella joined IAE 2011 during her gap year from Peking University where she is studying to be a Sommelier. Rob said it was absolutely wonderful to be able to see Isabella while Hong Kong.


  • Team to run the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
  • Change in China
  • Netherlands Reunion
  • 2011 Net Impact ‘Force of Change Award’ goes to Darren McGann
  • Rob meets with 2011 Alumni Member Isabella Ko