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August 8th, 2013

3rd E-Base Construction Moving Along

The third e-base that is constructed in Ladakh, India and is being inducted during the opening of the Global Himalayan Expedition is nearly complete. With many of the team traveling to Leh as we speak, the final touches and testing is being completed.  We wish everyone a safe journey and really looking forward to connecting with the e-base when it is live.

Here are some recent articles published that introduce the e-base’s generous sponsors, those involved and more details of the construction and process.

Global Himalayan Expedition in Ladakh: 11 Days -Tri Adventure- 25 participants – 6 Nations- 1 Cause” in The Breaking Tourist News

Powered Fully on Renewable Energy, The E-Base Has Been Technologically Supported by Luminous Power Technologies LTD” in the Indian News and Times.

E-base in Ladakh, India will receive on average 300 days of sun.




August 1st, 2013

Global Himalayan Expedition- Pre-Expedition Thoughts

I am sitting here typing with my arms stiff after my final vaccination and my legs sore from training. So I am currently moving with the same level of grace as a scarecrow. However with my expedition gear arriving, first aid kits, solar panels and camera equipment it is certainly sinking in that in 10 days I will be leaving for my second expedition of the year. Having been to Antarctica in February with Robert Swan and 2041, I was lucky enough to visit the first  e-base. So when I was offered the chance to help set-up and see the opening of an e-base in India, I jumped at the opportunity!

We’ve been suggested to run 3 miles a day in preparation and I have been cycling to college and work since I returned from Antarctica anyway so hopefully It will pay off when I can run in front of the team to get pictures!

There is nothing about this trip that I am not excited about. New people, cultures, mountains and of course the construction of the 3rd e-base. It is an incredible part of the world and an incredible project, from the mind of Paras Loomba. Loomba, a member of the IAE 2012, just a year after his experience in the Antarctic, has organised and found funding to create the worlds 3rd e-base  in Ladakh, India.

This region is nicknamed the worlds ’3rd Pole’ because the Himalayan region contains the largest amount of water in snow and ice than anywhere else in the world outside of the polar regions. The mountains themselves are the basis for the livelihoods of 210 million people and one fifth of the worlds population lives are sustained by the rivers and streams from the mountains. That is over 1.3 billion people! Water is a huge focus for 2041, as the climate changes so does availability of water. With so many lives dependent on naturally occurring water it is vital that it becomes a focus.

By building an e-base in the Ladakh region, we will be providing children of the area with internet for the first time. Creating a whole new level of education possibilities. Not just for them to learn from us, but for us to learn from them as well. When looking through my Antarctica notebook I can find the quote ‘When you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach the man to fish and you will feed him for a life time.’ The e-base will be a functioning monument to people coming together to help each other go further and I cannot believe I get to be a part of it.

I can only hope my photography and stories will do this expedition justice.

Oli Wheeldon, 2041 GHE Field Reporter and Photographer

Test shots with the new camera Oli will use on the expedition.

For more information on the Global Himalayan Expedition and the construction of the e-base, please visit the Global Himalayan Expedition page here.

July 25th, 2013

Global Himalayan Expedition, E-Base Construction Has Begun

It is now less than three weeks until the start of the Global Himalayan Expedition and the launch of the Third Pole E-Base. With the help of the team and sponsors, the first wall has now been constructed. Paras Loomba, GHE Program Director has amazingly already made video calls from location.

We will be launching our Third Pole E-Base Blog in the coming days where you can read interviews and bios of the team, first hand accounts and a photo journal of daily happenings and commencement of the E-Base with Robert Swan.

For more details on the Global Himalayan Expedition, please visit

December 28th, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, E-Base India!

On Nov 21, 2012 the E-Base in Pench National Park, India celebrated its 1st birthday with a year of milestones. Similar to the 2041 E-Base in Antarctica, the E-Base in India runs entirely on renewable energy. Serving as an educational and environmental platform for the local community, the E-Base focuses on wildlife conservation; largely, for the tiger.

Tigers are important players in our ecosystem. As a top predator of the food chain, tigers help maintain an equilibrium within prey populations. According to the WWF, the loss of the tiger will “upset the ecological balance” and lead to a decline of support–prey species would inflate. Consequently, challenged by habitat loss, the tiger population has become more susceptible.

India holds over half the world’s tiger population and through the E-Base individuals not only learn about the importance of these symbolic cats, but the overall importance of creating a more sustainable world. At the E-Base children are inspired and attain the knowledge and values necessary for becoming future sustainable leaders.

Cutting the first slice of cake
Local school kids and the weekend workshop
learning about solar panel energy

WWF. (2012). What if tigers did become extinct?

September 8th, 2012

Action at 2041 E-base India

Recently at  E-Base India,  Chandini, who joined us twice in Antarctica, teach 250 kids from schools near the Pench Tiger Reserve. She focuses her teachings on earth’s limited resources, climate change and why the youth has the power to be Leaders of Sustainability.

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