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November 15th, 2011

Ganges River Expedition Video with Robert Swan

Watch as Rob makes it to the source of the mother river at the Gomukh Glacier in the Himalayas. Robert Swan challenges to “not ask other people to do what you’re not willing to do yourself.”

November 9th, 2011

Ganges Expedition- “No one is inspired by negative”


Once the team departed Dehradoon on their bikes they left for Gangotri to ask for special permission to enter the Gomukh National Park. Thanks to the team in India, they Indian Government honored a permit and saved one guesthouse for them.  Leaving early on the morning of the 5th of November, Robert Swan and 2041 Team Member, Kyle O’ Donoghue trekked the 7,000 feet of altitude to Bhojbasa where they set up camp for the evening. The harsh conditions swept in fast reaching -15 Celsius forming ice on the inside of their tent causing them to wake before light and continue forth to the Gomukh Glacier.  Upon arrival Rob felt a strong connection with what the river symbolizes knowing that it is the source of water to 300 to 350 million people. He said, “the rate at what the glacier is depleting is just staggering. You can see the poles on which they measure the movement and it is moving back faster than what was predicted before.” Feeling a sense of despair, Kyle and Rob shook hands and agreed that it is now time to focus on answers instead of depicting the gloom that they felt at that moment. “No one is inspired by negative, be inspirational and now is the time to find solutions and show others how to put them in action.”







November 7th, 2011

Ganges Expedition, India


On the 3rd of November 2011, Robert Swan launched the Ganges Expedition, in India, from Gangotri to the Goumukh Glacier. To raise awareness for the project, Coca Cola India asked Robert Swan to spotlight their ‘Support My School’ campaign which provides clean, safe and abundant water  for children in schools, removing the problem of unhygienic toilets and unsafe drinking water. Coca Cola  believe that “Every child has a right to learn in a happy, healthy environment which is critical for the overall development of the child. It’s a pity that today many children in India do not have access to basic amenities in their school. Lack of proper sanitation facilities in schools in rural India continues to remain a huge challenge. Studies have shown that inadequate sanitation has a huge impact on the girl child who is forced to drop out of school as she enters adolescence.” –Support Our Schools



Robert met Global Executive Leaders of Coca-cola at a small village school outside Delhi and spoke to more than 300 children inviting them to think creatively about generating new ideas that would provide electricity in their homes and schools using renewable energy. Despite Roberts lingering ankle injury from the Marine Corp Marathon and unusually high levels of snow, Rob and his small team rode off on their bicycles as the children and Coca Cola employees sent them off on their journey with well wishes.   


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