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July 23rd, 2009

International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change


Last Sunday, on July 19th, Robert Swan was a keynote speaker to over 300 young leaders from over 30 nations, all participants at the International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change. The conference, which aimed towards carbon neutrality, was held at Tsinghua University, in Beijing, China. The IYSECC, which works towards mobilizing the youth generation to play an active role in fostering cooperation towards a low-carbon, efficient, clean, and sustainable future, is the first-ever global youth conference focusing on energy and climate change issues in China.

Robert’s lecture, which touched on his own expedition experience and the E-Base and then culminated in encouraging youth entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector, was presented digitally, from Australia. By communicating via the internet, Robert’s contribution was both carbon-emissions free and fit in with the conference’s global theme while highlighting the continuing potential for digital collaboration to be a key method of broadcasting the climate change message across the globe.

Several of 2041′s IAE Team China alumni were involved in connecting Robert with IYSECC.

July 9th, 2009

St. Olave’s Grammer School

In mid-June, Robert gave a lecture to students at the prestigious St. Olave’s School in Kent. He spent some additional time with the young students, answering their questions about his accomplishments, goals, and the future of our planet.

Robert Swan with students at St. Olave's.

The Times Online covered the visit in their ‘Science Central’ section. The enlightening and entertaining article, based on Robert’s Q & A with the students, highlights why Robert enjoys speaking at schools so greatly, while providing a welcome breath of levity to the global warming debate.

Sometimes kids just want to know about frostbitten toes, and who can blame them?

June 19th, 2009

IABC World Conference

On Tuesday, 9 June 2009, Robert Swan spoke at the IABC World Conference in San Francisco, leading a session on Sustainable Leadership. The conference, attended by International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) members from around the world, is the leading international forum of its kind and focuses on latest developments and best practices in the communications field.

Robert’s presentation, focusing on leadership in today’s economy and the importance of promoting sustainability, struck a cord with hundreds of conference attendees. In keeping with 2041′s commitment to embracing new media tools in reaching the leaders of tomorrow, what better way to access a global audience than in-person face time with the world’s best and brightest communications professionals?

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