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December 4th, 2012

Change in China

It’s evident that collaboration plays a key role in sustainability. Corporations like Alstom recognize the importance of setting long term environmental goals. For instance, nearly 25% of the world’s power production capacity depends on Alstom technology and services; hence, why Alstom is continuously supporting renewable energy application (Alstom, 2012).

On Thursday, 29th November, 2012 Robert Swan presented for Alstom’s GM Briefing dinner event in Tianjin, Binhai at the Crowne Plaza. Upon arrival, Robert received a site tour of Alstom Hydro China: a hydro instillation base focused on hydro turbines and generators. Following Alstom’s events, Robert made his way to the International School of Tianjin where students, grades 3-12, faculty, and staff were able to enjoy a presentation by Robert. While at IST, Robert challenged students to develop ‘green classrooms’—an outlet for teaching green and living green.

Beijing, China—Robert met with YVI members, co-organizers of the Peking University lecture. Also working towards environmental protection, YVI, Youth Voice International, is an organization that strives to connect activism in young people’s lives. Through the use of technology, YVI collaborates regularly with individuals all over the globe. Their organization functions as a platform for developing partnerships between scholars, corporate companies, media outlets youth, and more.

1st, December 2012, Peking University: Robert had the opportunity to meet and present for students at Peking University in Beijing. As Peking University places an emphasis in applied sciences, social sciences, sciences of medicine, management, and education, University students were able to apply their academia and global experiences to Robert’s presentation and Antarctic experiences. Also at Peking University, Robert was reunited with fellow IAE Alumni. Here, he learned more about their current professional roles and how their skills will continuously support efforts for creating a sustainable world.

Chen Jiliang (2010 IAE), Wang Yueyue(2009 IAE), Yi Ru (2009, IAE), Rui Luo (2008, IAE)

Jiliang works for Antarctica Ocean Alliance, China coordinator, Yueyue works for MARS, Sustainability and fair trade products, Ru is rogram officer of Executive Education Program in School of Management, Peking University, Rui works for ICF International, on energy and low carbon strategy consulting

Also at the university, Robert collaborated with the student association, CDM. CDM—known as Clean Development Mechanism or Creative Decision Making—focuses on climate change and low-carbon energy, as well as any relativity in China. CDM Club also co-organized the Peking University lecture and similarly shares a goal of creating a more sustainable world. Additionally, CDM CLUB, 6E Plus strives to help develop a new breed of global green leaders by combining the academic resources and aptitude at Peking University.

Overall, China was an excellent collaborative link between business, academia, alumni, and the communities. Special thanks to Bruno Godin of Alstom and Rui Lou of ICF International for all your organizational efforts and consistent support.

Rob at Peking University in Beijing


August 26th, 2011

Green Growth for Greater Wealth in New Zealand

Please take a moment to check out an incredible initiative put into place by Pure Advantage of New Zealand which is about both action and opportunity for green growth. We ask that you sign up now and show your support here at Pure Advantage Campaign.

Pure Advantage has also been extremely generous and has offered to send one young New Zealander to join Robert Swan on his next expedition in February of 2012. To enter, you must be between the ages of 19-27, be a New Zealand resident and create a video to inspire all New Zealanders to commit to a greener, wealthier New Zealand through green growth. See all details here and be sure to stop by and cast your vote for the person you feel should attend IAE 2012!

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July 25th, 2011

EcoForum Annual Event

Darren McGann and Janet Morris, 2041 IAE 2011 Members

Darren McGann and Janet Morris, 2041 IAE 2011 Members

In June, two 2041 IAE Alumni Members Darren McGann and Janet Morris reunited at the Corporate Eco Forum Gala in Washington D.C. “The annual meeting assembles an elite group of senior executives from 18 industries to share insights, collaborate, and innovate” as explained by EcoForum. Janet had won her place to attend the 2041 IAE 2011 Expedition after promising not to buy any new products for a year. She took the stage to tell her inspiring journey after an incredible introduction done by Corporate Eco Forum Founder’s twelve year old daughter, Anjali Rangaswami.

Watch Janet as she takes more than 220 Corporate and Government Environmental Leaders on a virtual trip to Antarctica here.

June 29th, 2011

Rob speaks at the Majid Society in Saudi Arabia

Majid Society 1

On June 5th Rob made his way to Saudi Arabia to do a lecture for the Majid Society, “Strengthening Sustainability through Building Partnerships” at the second Societal Development Forum 2011. While there he was included as a speaker on the discussion panel with the Clinton Initiative and Gates Foundation.

Majid 3
Majid 4
Majid 2

June 10th, 2011

Robert Swan in Singapore at the Vitol Industry Speaker Series

This past May, Robert Swan made his journey to Singapore where he spoke at The Vitol Industry Speaker Series to raise awareness of the 2041 movement. Over 400 people attended the talk held in Singapore, with backgrounds ranging from government officials, business leaders and students. He had a chance to meet up with recent 2041 IAE 2011 Team Member Spencer Yong where they joined on stage to share their individual Antarctica experience as well as spread the message of the importance for young leaders to step up to make changes, and be the role model to champion the cause of sustainability in our everyday lives.

Robert Swan inspiring at Vitol Lecture

Robert Swan speaking at Vitol

Spencer Yong, IAE 2011 Member speaking to  fellow peers at Vitol

Spencer Yong, IAE 2011 Member speaking to fellow peers at Vitol

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