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June 14th, 2012

Robert Swan reports live from Rio+20, Day 1

With anticipation of the arrival of the yacht ’2041,’ Robert Swan reports from the grounds of Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro at the third Earth Summit. After a talk hosted by UNEP, Robert went and spent time at the Qatar Pavilion where he reflected on his eagerness for COP18 this fall in Doha.

Brave yacht ’2041′ is about a day and a half sail from Rio. The team is here with excitement and are prepared to greet them as they come into port. Will keep you posted.

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May 31st, 2012

Robert reports from India on the ‘Race to Rio’

Robert Swan reports on the ‘Race to Rio’ while cleaning up rubbish in India. He is currently working with a team to help initiate ideas on how to resolve the municipal waste issues where they produce 150,000 tons of municipal waste a day.

May 21st, 2012

Race to Rio, brief visit in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Recently, Brave Yacht ‘2041’ made an unscheduled visit to Port Elizabeth, South Africa due to unfavorable weather on their Race to Rio for the 3rd Earth Summit, Rio +20. Ten years ago, Robert Swan was given a global mission to “ inspire young people, industry, and business on the issues of energy conservation, renewable energy, and to promote the positive roles individuals and business can play in the road to world sustainability.” From this, the Voyage for Cleaner Energy began and the yacht and crew have circumnavigated the globe to share this mission. “The Voyage for Cleaner Energy yacht relies on a bank of eight solar panels, two wind vanes, a biodiesel fueled engine and alcohol stove to run all the electronics, fridge, freezer and leisure items onboard.”

Upon arrival in Port Elizabeth, they were kindly greeted by locals, supporters and press. Alan Straton of, had a chance to sit down with our Captian, Conor Fogerty and learn more about  2041 and its focus on renewable energy, positive leadership and recycling.

Article: 2041 Voyage for Cleaner Energy Makes Unscheduled PE Stop

While the crew was in Port Elizabeth, they welcomed a new addition, Robert Swan’s son, Barney Swan. Barney, a recent graduate from St. Augustine’s College in Cairns, Australia is joining the Voyage for Cleaner Energy for her journey across the Atlantic until it arrives in Rio de Janeiro in June. There, he will reunite with his father and join him to greet world leaders and carry his message to inspire future generations.

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August 22nd, 2011

Team Aqua wins the RC44 Swedish Cup

Team Aqua

2041 would like to congratulate Chris Bake and the crew of Team Aqua on their recent win in the RC44 Swedish Cup making the second win of the season. It was a close race and “Aqua clinched the overall title by a narrow four point margin.” -RC44 This makes for the teams second win in 2011 and third podium in just four races. With only one event left in Croatia before the 2011 World Championships we are excited to be apart of the strong support network of Team Aqua and wish them the best of luck as they finish the season.

Be sure to check out the highlight video of this race and the close finish here: RC44 Swedish Cup Video held in the tiny island town of Marstrand, where tens of thousands of people flock to this idyllic coast perfect for sailing!

See more of Team Aqua at

May 16th, 2011

Congratulations Team Aqua in the RC44

2041 would like to congratulate Team Aqua (GBR) on placing 2nd for the Austria Cup at Lake Traunsee.
Two months ago, Team Aqua took 3rd in San Diego, California before purchasing their new boat. On the Traunsee event, Chris Bake stated, “I think getting out there and sailing a new boat and having the consistency that we had was great. There were a few missed opportunities and that probably cost us first place but ORACLE Racing sailed unbelievably and they deserve the position they got. We got a good second and so I’m really happy, the team has done a phenomenal job pulling the boat together, the boat felt good, so now it’s just a matter of improving on that.”
The Tour now heads to Cagliari in Sardinia (29 June – 3 July)
Excerpts from RC44 Website

See the Final Day of the RC 44 Race here.

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