IAE ClimateForce 2018 Itinerary

IAE ClimateForce 2018 Itinerary

Antarctica has never known war, belongs to no nation, and is home to no tribe or indigenous race – Antarctica is owned by all of us. It is the most beautiful, untouched, and pristine location on the planet and it is for these reasons that we must do everything we can to preserve it. The key to this mission is it to promote the use renewable energy across the globe. If we can do this effectively then it won’t make financial sense for the world to exploit it. Antarctica is a symbol, frozen in time, which represents our united responsibility to steer humanity towards a more hopeful future. Join us on Climate Force: Antarctica 2018 for the adventure and education of a lifetime!

Please note: Itinerary is subject to change without notice. All Antarctic travel is dependent upon local weather and ground conditions at the time of the actual expedition, so flexibility and an open mind are essential for a truly positive and successful experience!

Daily Itinerary Overview (Days 0 – 6 of 14)

February 27th - March 12th, 2018

DAY 0: Ushuaia, Argentina - 

Welcome to Ushuaia! This port city and adventure hub will be our point of disembarkation. Join us as we tour the city and the storied prison of this former penal colony.

DAY 1: Ushuaia, Argentina, & Embarkation - 

The adventure officially begins! The advent of our expedition is upon us as we run through several important briefings followed by an equipment check. Afterwards, take adventure of the free time to explore the remarkable town of Ushuaia. Be sure to sample some of the excellent cuisine found here.

DAY 2: Set Sail -

Set sail for Antarctica! As you travel through the Beagle Channel, observe the picturesque glaciers and rocky isles. While adjusting to life at sea, ponder the importance of our mission to save the planet from climate change. 

You can obtain a complete detailed Climate Force: Antarctica 2018 itinerary by clicking HERE.

DAY 3-4: Drake Passage -

Traverse Drake Passage. This body of water is the gateway to Antarctica. As we sail through, you’ll have the opportunity to “turn the horn” while listening to tales of Robert Swan’s Antarctic exploration. Growing ever close to your destination, think back to the great explorers of history as you follow in their footsteps. Be on the lookout for wildlife, icebergs, and the first citing of this ice-covered continent.

DAY 5: Crystal Sound, Fish Islands, & Prospect Point

We’ve finally made it to Antarctica! Journey to our first destination, Crystal Sound. This location is purely stunning with its ice-covered water and untouched aura. Next, we’ll stop at near the Fish Islands known for their colonies of penguins and interesting wildlife. Finally, head to Prospect Point for incredible views of the landscape.

DAY 6: South of the Circle & The Gullet -

Today, we head south. For a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, we look to cross the Antarctic Circle. Peaks rise out of the ice as we travel through the narrow channel called The Gullet. Truly magnificent backdrops surround you. Be on the lookout for Antarctic wildlife. Consider the journey we’ve embarked on, following in the path of the world’s greatest Antarctic explorers.

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