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November 23rd, 2011

E-Base India launched in Pench

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On 21st November, Robert along with the Forest Department at Pench National Park inaugurated the E-Base India. The E-Base in Pench will serve as an education hub for the local community and tourists to learn about conservation and preservation of the tiger.
This is the first time that the 2041 E-Base concept has been replicated outside the Antarctic and just like the E-Base in Antarctica it runs entirely on renewable energy. The E-Base has been made possible through the support of the Ashok Piramal Group and the Wildlife Conservation Trust.
The E-base is situated in the Interpretation Center at the entrance of the gate and is a room that is equipped with a plasma screen and a laptop. It will serve to engage the local community in tiger conservation, habitat protection as well as act as a portal for learning about sustainable living.
The inauguration took place with a presentation on the Antarctic and Ganges Expedition and Robert praised the efforts of the forest rangers, who work tirelessly to help preserve India’s national wealth- the Tiger. When tigers’ thrive, the eco-system thrives and in turn sequesters carbon and provides clean water.
Never content with taking it easy, Robert mounted an elephant and went in search of tigers.