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Robert Swan’s contribution to education and the environment has been recognized through his appointment as UN Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, a visiting Professorship of the School of the Environment at Leeds University and in 1994 he became Special Envoy to the Director General of UNESCO.

The world’s first educational base in Antarctica – The E-Base

From 2002 to 2007, Robert’s dream of building the world’s first educational base (E-Base) in Antarctica became a reality. E-Base serves as a resource for teachers and an inspiration to young people around the world. In 2008 we saw ‘The E-Base Goes Live’. Powered entirely off renewable energy Swan and a small team lived and broadcast to schools and universities demonstrating clean technology and energy saving techniques.

In spring 2010, in partnership with China Light and Power, a leading power company in the Asia region, a small team lived at the E-Base and repaired damage to the ‘Live 365′ equipment so that the E-Base can continue to broadcast the message of preserving Antarctica and the importance of renewable energy 365 days a year. Read about the CLP adventure here.

Rob Swan and Jessica inaugurate the E-Base

 E-Base India-Pench

In 2011, 2041’s second Education Station was launched, E-Base Asia.  Similar to the 2041 E-Base in Antarctica, the E-Base in India runs entirely on renewable energy, showcasing alternative energy as a substitute to fossil fuels.

Serving as an educational and environmental platform for the local community, the E-Base focuses on wildlife conservation. Located in the Interpretation Centre at the Turia Gate of Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, the E-Base is a space that serves as a classroom, training and exhibition space.

E-Base Asia aims to connect the Forest Department, the local community and tourists visiting the Park with a common link to conservation and sustainability. It brings together under one roof an exchange of ideas and sharing of information through live interactions, hands-on projects and exhibits. Additional E-Bases are currently being planned for future construction and will be launched on each continent.

Robert Swan at 2041's second E-Base located in Pench, India

E-Base India- Ladakh

In August, 2013 as a part of the Global Himalayan Expedition the 3rd e- base  will be launched in the region called the ‘3rd –Pole’ because of the water source to a large population. The idea behind creating the this E-base in the ‘third Pole’ is to share with the world community that how Climate Change not only affects but also disrupts life. The local population after having faced droughts and flash-floods caused by cloud bursts, was able to bounce back to normalcy within a matter of months, creating lessons in sustainable living and making the ‘Roof of the world’ an unavoidable truth and an important teacher to reach out to. The roof of the world as the name suggests holds the knowledge to bring forth the truth to our actions and provide the ‘real’ roof to the false ceiling we have all surrendered ourselves to. Through this e- base, we would like to highlight stories of simple people shouldering extraordinary responsibilities, and communities working unknowingly towards saving their planet, by taking small baby steps towards their own survival.

The third E-base not only acts as a window for the world to interact with Ladakh, we get to see into their world allowing us to understand their sustainable ways that have allowed them to live in this region for centuries. It is a platform for convenient solutions to their environmental problems and a lesson in sustainability for the global community.

e-base Ladakh luanched August, 2013
GHE Team 2013
Robert Swan after the installation of the solar panels at e-base Ladakh

The coolest curriculum in the world

Over the past seven years 2041 have taken 20 teachers from various countries to Antarctica, many of whom in turn have helped produce 'A Journey to Antarctica – The Coolest Curriculum in the World'. The curriculum's aims are:

  • To inform learners about Antarctica, its geology, its geography, its history, its climate, its stunning scenery and captivating wildlife.
  • To educate learners through practical, creative activities and hands-on investigations that enable them to deepen their understanding of this beautiful continent.
  • To inspire learners to action, to open their minds to ways in which they, both individually and collectively, can make a positive difference to their world and Antarctica in particular.

To access the Coolest Curriculum, please click here.

Richard Dunne at E-Base

Be sure to check out the Coolest Curriculum, please click here.

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