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August 31st, 2012

The Family of Global Volunteers

Anurag Maloo

Anurag Maloo is a Teach For India fellow 2011, teaches in one of the largest Pune Municipal Corporation English Medium School in Pune for 2 years. He taught grade 2 last year and continuing his 2nd year of fellowship with 48 Grade 3 students. This year, he has launched the program “The Family of Global Volunteers – what begins here changes the world.” A thematic learning classroom program for school students where one of their key focus areas are environment and green living to promote the culture of volunteerism and taking the ownership of their actions. With this program, he is trying to inculcate values and bring out the leadership traits in his students. They have setup to create that learning environment inside the classroom, they are taking up various volunteer projects and challenges to solve the problems and causes they identify and inspiring other students and mobilizing everyone to take the initiative to bring positive change into their lives and working towards the preservation of Antarctica and their motto for this academic year is, “Green is our dream and Clean is our action.” They get their classroom painted with a mural for their leadership program “The Family of Global Volunteers”, to represent Antarctica, harmony with nature and a quote by Robert Swan, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Anurag has been accepted for the 2041’s IAE 2013 expedition and is working hard to join Robert Swan and 2041 on the expedition from India. You can express your support towards this expedition by writing to him, and share stories about his work on environment education and learn more about the projects and Antarctica classroom by liking this facebook page and posting your comments.

The children also sent a message to 2041 Expedition Coordinator, Heather for her birthday which is so incredibly sweet and she thanks all the students for these well wishes!

If you happen to be in Pune or around, do take out time and visit his classroom.  The Family of Global Volunteers will be happy to have you volunteer with them, for them and your visit to this Antarctic classroom can inspire the next generation leaders, eco-warriors and social change-makers. Here are the glimpses from his classroom.

Antarctica Mural – Painted in Anurag Maloo’s classroom
Volunteer – Sakshi and Tejas
Anurag’s classroom