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August 10th, 2013

GHE Team Member in Transit

After the impossibly long effort to take out some form of money, I found myself needing a taxi from on terminal to the other, I booked my prepaid taxi and pay 3/5ths again in tips.¬† The taxi driver I ended up with¬† said ‘have you got your tip ready’ half way through the journey. However it is not worth the hassle to refuse, the trick is guessing the right amount so I don’t end up swindled. I am new to the currency and still unsure of its worth. All I know is that the amount I gave he was not happy about.

They also weren’t happy about the address I filed in for my country entering form. Apparently e-base, Leh isn’t an accepted address. After telling him what we were doing he soon understood and did accept me in, and my address set as E-Base, Leh. The taxi journey was interesting, clearer roads than I was expecting, perhaps this is because it is 1 o’clock in the morning. With the window open it was easy to see how much smog drowns the city, I could certainly feel it hit me in the face as we whizzed around in the traditional Delhi taxi cab.

2:46 am

Waiting in the entrance hall for checking in to start. The rain has started outside. Something I noticed in the in-flight magazine that I enjoyed was an advert for holidays, but instead of saying ‘where will you go this summer’ it said ‘where will you go this monsoon?’ I really want to take a long exposure shot outdoors to show how much smog there is. But I don’t want to draw attention to myself with a big fancy camera. I already had questioning looks from the military guards who quizzed me on my solarpanel. Whilst I was showing my ticket and passport to the soldier at the door the other bent down and tapped his knuckle on the panel. I looked up and earnestly said ‘its a solar panel’ to which he nodded in approval, he then asked ‘is it working’ to which I couldn’t help but respond ‘well it is a bit dark right now’ as I motioned to the blackness of the night surrounding the building.

3:19 am

Thank god I have chocolate!


I don’t think the board will ever change, I am destined to stay here forever…


Through security, just managed to snag some all important sofa real estate, time for a snooze attempt


Other team members on the same flight might be arriving now, I am wondering around looking for tell tale signs.


Had an hour of trying to get internet to work, no luck. 20 minutes till boarding, I need to remember to get a drink for my altitude tablet.

Oli Wheeldon, IAE 2013 Team Member, GHE Media and Communications.

*Oli has now arrived safely at Leh where he is acclimating to the high altitude.