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April 22nd, 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013

We would like to wish everyone a very happy Earth Day! Here at 2041, we like to think of every day as a day to practice sustainable actions and make this world the way it should be, clean, sustainable and thriving.  We like to use days like this as not a single day to make a difference, but most importantly, a a date to reflect and plan. What have you done to help protect the environment since the last Earth Day? What will you do to make our world better than what it is today over the course of the next year. Whatever you do, begin it now, make a difference, lead and get others involved. Change begins now and it begins with you.

Below are some examples of the projects our alumni members are involved in, year round and on this special day.

Raj Phukan, IAE 2013

Raj celebrated Earth Day in India, interacting with students from two schools, showing them films on climate change & global warming and releasing a Chinese Pangolin rescued from certain death.



Janet Morris, IAE 2011

Janet will be presenting to families and kids at Hewlett Packard for “Bring Your Inventor to Work Day.”   This is Janet’s third year of presenting her virtual expedition to Antarctica.  She does a great job of bringing Antarctica to life for these parents and their children by having them internalize that we are all citizens of Antarctica.

Scott Herington, IAE 2012

Scott of KAUST School  focused on their project to rebuild the damaged/ devastated mangroves along the coast.  Mangrove Forests have been found in over 110 countries. The bark of the underwater roots of Avicennia, Marina mangroves can provide food for small crabs.  The crabs tunnels, in turn, put oxygen in the soil that the roots can use.  Small fish can find shelter in mangrove roots and birds can shelter in the branches. Nutrients left behind that fall to the soil can be used by the mangroves.

Todd Latham, IAE 2011

Todd Latham of Toronto, Canada hosted a big party to celebrate Earth Day, bringing together students, academia, media, professionals and government in support of clean water.  All of the proceeds will directly support WaterCan’s work on water and sanitation projects in East Africa.   More details here:  http://watercanada.net/bluebash/

Kim Williams, IAE 2012

Kim is using funds from her “Project Green Award” that Sacramento City Unified School District won in 2012 to create a mural for their school garden. The mural is focused on things that reflect our school community, and at the center of the mural is the green theme: recycle. An image of a globe with dream catcher represents our dream for a healthy and green planet!  And of course, the memorable quote by Robert Swan.


Robert Swan spent his day at the Tetra Pak/ TERI,  “Your Carton My Classroom” event in India promoting the upcycle project of turning cartons into usable school furniture. While there, he was able to meet up with many Alumni Members including, Chandini Chhabra, Paras Loomba, Hasita Bhammar, Supriya Singh and Seema Sharma.

What will you be doing over the next year?