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August 14th, 2013

Interview with Paras Loomba, GHE Coordinator

Oli Wheeldon, GHE Communications and Media Manager had a moment to sit down with Paras Loomba, GHE Coordinator and ask a few questions before departure.

Oli: How do you feel after the long awaited inauguration of the Ladakh E-base.

Paras: I feel really good, originally the inauguration was just a date, but having Robert Swan here made it seem like so much more, it was so good t see so much excitement and interaction on even just the first day, I know that this e-base’s first year will rock! I hope this e-base will act as a benchmark for future e-base projects. One of the things I am happiest about is what this project means, the whole of GHE, after being inspired in Antarctica I wanted to make an E-Base. I did my research and now it is standing there, it is such a fantastic feeling to know that anyone can do this.

Oli: So why Leh, Ladakh, India?

Paras: Leh is one  many places in the world that is under threat from climate change, but has very little contact or resources from the rest of the world. After the mudslide three years ago that killed so many people which was caused by climate change. When so many people are affected so badly and they had nothing to do with the cause, it was clear that the 3rd Pole was the perfect place for an E-Base. I hope for this e-base to act as a window to the rest of the world, not only for educational purposes, but sometimes when people are faced with such harsh environments they need an escape.

Oli: Speaking of escape, how are you feling about the trek starting tomorrow?

Paras : Excited, with just the right amount of concern! Obviouslywe have done the trek before, but this is the first time taking the team members as this is the first ever Global Himalayan Expedition! However the route is incredible, the team is great and the activities are awesome. Cycling, hiking and rafting. It will be difficult but when people finish it the feeling will be so good and not even the yaks will keep them up at night.