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May 15th, 2013

Kyle O’Donoghue on his Arctic Expedition

2041′s videographer, Kyle O’Donoghue is now on day 45 of his Arctic Expedition. Communications are difficult but Kyle and his team have done a great job staying in contact and sharing their expedition experience on their blog. Today we were lucky enough to get a message from him.

Greetings Rob and the team from 81 North and the start of the Arctic Ocean. So far our expedition has traveled 45 days and and 450 miles with our trusty 4 dogs. We have had amazing wildlife encounters with polar bears and wolves in this stunning wilderness. However roughly 3 trillion barrels of oil and natural gas lie beneath the area we have traveled and as the race for the arctic intensifies it will come under threat. This confirms to me how important the work of 2041 and all of you is in making sure these last special places remain as they are. Thanks to all of you who have followed the expedition. Carry on!

All of us at 2041 wish Kyle and his team a safe adventure and look forward to his return home.

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