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August 22nd, 2013

GHE and launch of e-base Ladakh successful

In August, 2013 a team of 30 people joined Robert Swan and Paras Loomba on a journey to complete the 3rd e-base running solely on renewable energy. After many man hours, sacrifices and the talents and generosity of others, it is a privilege to see the launch.

Robert Swan stated that “Today is an incredibly special day. Not just for the team here, but more importantly for the kids at this school. As our Third E-Base goes live, running off 100% Solar Power, we have proved yet once again that if it can be done here in a region as remote as Ladakh, it can be done anywhere else in the world.”

With this e-base, 2041 will have an opportunity to look into the window of their world and see what we can do to follow some of the traditional ways to live a more sustainable which has kept people in this region for centuries and with that, we believe that they must be doing something right.


e-base Ladakh launched August, 2013


GHE Team 2013

Robert Swan after the installation of the solar panels at e-base Ladakh

e-base Ladakh has officially been launched, 2013

Robert Swan with the newly installed batteries and equipment at e-base Ladakh