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Robert Swan is regarded as one of the world’s top motivational speakers. His experiences from the past 30 years have evolved into an exceptional and dramatic story of success, failure, the ability to learn from one’s mistakes and ultimately, inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Robert has an extraordinary ability to thrill, uplift and inspire from his experiences.

Robert Swan Lecture Preview

The Communicator

Robert Swan is not only a polar explorer, an environmental leader and the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles, but he also an exceptionally gifted and natural communicator. Audiences are left with key lessons that include the importance of humor, diversity, communication, teamwork, and inspiring leadership.

The Visionary

Robert Swan understands the enormity of a 50-year mission, and has created operational and business strategies over the years to sustain such an undertaking. Swan’s flexibility towards external factors and his unmistakable enthusiasm for short-term milestones enable him to work tirelessly towards his vision.

The Strategist

After returning from the Poles, Robert Swan needed to mobilize world opinion and influence business and political leaders to succeed in his mission. Through a combination of diplomacy, action and determination, Swan successfully transitioned from intrepid explorer to global motivator, and displayed a natural grasp of the importance of solid strategy to reach one’s desired goals.

The Environmental Leader

After witnessing firsthand the damage to the Polar Regions due to global warming, Robert was invited by the United Nations as a keynote speaker to the first Earth Summit for Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. During the conference he was challenged to “Think Global, Act Local”. His commitment has resulted in the removal of 1,500 tons of waste from Bellingshausen Station on King George Island in Antarctica, and the creation of the worlds’ first education station in Antarctica, the E-Base.

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    Robert Swan speaking

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    "Over the years, we have had many 'hired gun' speakers at our National Performance Group meetings for our collision industry customers. Few have hit a 'homerun' like Robert Swan! I never thought anyone could tell a story of exploration and survival and tap in to so many emotions. By the end of his story you have been awed by the challenges he undertook and the photos to prove it; you have felt compassion for the struggles he endured; you have felt disgust and disgrace for the amazing amount of garbage left behind in the name of 'science'; you feel Robert's passion and enthusiasm for cleaning up our environment; unexpectedly, you have laughed at things you thought couldn't be funny, but Robert has a way of finding the humor in otherwise humorless situations; and, most importantly, you walk away asking yourself 'What am I going to do to help' because, by the end of his presentation you feel compelled to do something."
    Ricky Fifer, Akzo Nobel
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