“Over the years, we have had many ‘hired gun’ speakers at our National Performance Group meetings for our collision industry customers. Few have hit a ‘home run’ like Robert Swan! I never thought anyone could tell a story of exploration and survival and tap into so many emotions. By the end of his story you have been awed by the challenges he undertook and the photos to prove it; you have felt compassion for the struggles he endured; you have felt disgust and disgrace for the amazing amount of garbage left behind in the name of “science”; you feel Robert’s passion and enthusiasm for cleaning up our environment; unexpectedly, you have laughed at things you thought couldn’t be funny, but Robert has a way of finding the humor in otherwise humorless situations; and, most importantly, you walk away asking yourself ‘What am I going to do to help?’ because, by the end of his presentation you feel compelled to do something.”


“An enthusiastic man who speaks passionately about focus and commitment…worth hearing.”


“ Who can get 100 Swiss bankers on their feet and give an impressive demonstration of vision, objectives, courage, planning, strategy, commitment, perseverance, persistence, loyalty, trust, tolerance, teamwork, friendship, satisfaction & success? The only person in the world who walked to the South and North Poles – Robert Swan.”


“I have worked with Robert both in Digital and at AT&T, motivating thousands of sales people as well as many customers. I must have heard his stories more than 10 times, but he still grabs me. He’s the best…he’s world class.”


“Robert has inspired many groups of senior international bankers, who admired him enormously for his vision, perseverance, planning, preparation, team building, focus, flexibility, courage & humility. His participation in educational forums energizes, accents & personifies many key practices that befit executives.”


“Robert has spoken to our staff on three occasions. Although it is now more than two years since he first spoke, people still talk about the effect his presentation had on them. He has a unique ability to inspire whilst at the same time giving practical lessons on issues that are facing all organizations such as leadership, team working and empowerment. We have yet to find a better speaker than Robert.”


“Robert has always been outstanding whenever we have had the honor of using him. As a pioneer he challenges us to reach new heights of excellence.”


“Robert is absolutely brilliant. I heard Robert’s presentation in the U.K. I was so moved by his commitment and impassioned delivery I invited him to speak in the U.S.A. The results were outstanding. He spoke to all ages very effectively. He will educate and motivate any audience.”


“An absolutely outstanding presentation at our National Sales Conference. Robert left a deep and lasting impression on us all.”


“Robert Swan elicited the first ever standing ovation from our sales conference of over 500 people.”


“Profound would be an understatement…It will certainly affect how I work, both as an individual, and as a manager and team member.”


“Excellent and inspirational…surpassed all of our expectations.”


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