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July 17th, 2009

SolarCycle Diaries

Through our partners at G24 Innovations, news came to us of a fascinating awareness-raising expedition called The SolarCycle Diaries. Setting off on the EU Solar Day, May 15, 2009, the team of three riders aims to cycle 12,000 miles across the globe, demonstrating and disseminating information about solar power and climate change solutions while raising money for SolarAid – the UK’s first solar energy charity for the developing world.


Their panniers pimped with custom solar panels and operating on little other than sweat, determination, vision, and pedal power, their low-impact journey exemplifies 2041′s philosophy of championing the power of ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, and using the latest and greatest in renewable, clean technology and digital advances to share your message with the world.

Having already conquered North African deserts (their expedition also promotes the Desertec initiative) and their share of traveling set-backs (probably not much fun on the ground, but makes entertaining reading for armchair supporters), 2041 wishes the best to Susie, Jamie, and Iain.