ClimateForce: Solutions

Depending on the level of involvement an estimated amount of carbon will be given to each solution. Collectively we will measure the total amount of carbon saved as the campaign moves towards 2025.

The current solutions framework below features three solutions for each major category. One is easy to achieve, the next harder, with the third requiring the most time and fiscal investment. 

A) Lifestyle

1. Transport

-Driving style (30%fuel reduction), telecommuting, using public transport, biofuels, carpooling

-Demanding companies, policy makers, and communities, for greener transport infrastructure

-Purchasing hybrid, hydrogen, electric transport- cars, ship, cargo

2. Food/Waste

-Waste reduction: promoting reduce, reuse, and recycle

-Consider vegetarian, farmers markets, and less beef

-Eradicating food deserts, water projects, better cooking stoves

3. Community

-Sourcing locally from responsible suppliers

-Airconditioning/heaters, LED bulbs, fans, insulation, demanding green utility for providers

-Solar, wind, water, geothermal systems in home/businesses

B) Infrastructure

1. Carbon Clean-Up

-More trees in communities, offices, and home

-Investing in organic/artificial capture at a large scale

-Carbon offsetting/storage, methane capture, algae farms

2. Renewables

-Engaging in local, and national energy policy- make your voice heard

-Electric, hydrogen, biofuel, and merging technology investment

-Solar, wind, tide, battery, and geothermal microgrid systems. Invest or hands on volunteer work.

ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018

Upon the completion of a successful SPEC, join us on the ClimateForce 2018 Expedition to the Antarctica Peninsula.

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