The South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC)

Rob and his son Barney will embark on the first-ever expedition to the South Pole powered solely by clean energy technologies. On November 15, 2017, they will start a 600-mile, eight-week journey on foot to the South Pole. Over this expedition, they will demonstrate and showcase cutting edge technologies robust enough to work in one of the harshest environments on earth. Using the expedition as a platform for engagement, the father and son team will work with sponsors to broadcast outreach campaigns to help drive change in the way we use energy. These sponsors, technology innovators, and partners include:

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SPEC’s Out Reach Goals

To realize the ambitions of the 2016 United Nation’s Paris Agreement to hold global temperatures below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, we all need to reconsider how we utilize energy in our economies, our homes and even our own bodies. Through SPEC we aim to give companies, schools, and individuals the tools to make viable changes in the way they understand and use energy.

Measurable solutions include:

  • Install solar, wind, and/or geothermal infrastructure in home or business.
  • Modify lifestyle/ diet to reduce waste.
  • Support alternative transport technologies: hydrogen, electric, or hybrid.
  • Demand green energy from utilities.
  • Invest in clean energy.
  • Engage in local and national energy policy.
  • Advance carbon offsetting, reduction, and cleanup technologies.

Get involved with SPEC

2041's mission is to inspire governments, educators, businesses, investors, and individuals to take concrete and measurable actions to shift the way they think about, legislate and use energy. Learn more about how to get involved with the South Pole Energy Challenge by emailing us below.

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ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018

Upon the completion of a successful SPEC, join us on the ClimateForce 2018 Expedition to the Antarctica Peninsula.

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