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2041 was founded by polar explorer, environmental leader and public speaker Robert Swan, OBE, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change.

Antarctica Day 5 - Penguins on Petermann Island

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Another incredible sunset. Golden light flickered over icebergs on the horizon as if lit by candle. Everyone wass out to watch, leaving little time for breakfast. Some had to eat faster than others, the call for the zodiacs had been made. Half of our team headed out to Petermann Island, a low lying island surrounded by impossibly blue icebergs and home to a historic Argentine refuge hut, but it seemed like the weather was closing in again, time we had to move quickly and hope for the best.

The other half of the team got into their zodiacs to cruise around the bay, a lot whales had been spotted headed towards us, it was fortuitous timing!

“1…2…3...4...5...6! 6 ballenas Humpback juntas! Todo el equipo estábamos muy emocionados, pero fue hasta que vimos que Tara, nuestra guía por el día, estaba sorprendida que supimos que estábamos siendo testigos de algo realmente especial.

La familia de 6 nos dejó seguirlas, y en 10 minutos pudimos ver 3 rondas de "hundimientos"...18 colas en total.

En esta expedición hemos visto ballenas ballenas Humpback, Minke, Fin e incluso Orcas, pero cada vez que vemos una nueva todos nos seguimos impresionando con la belleza de estos imponentes animales. Cuando pensamos que las ballenas son solo una pequeña parte de los increíbles días que hemos tenido aquí volvemos a apreciar el enorme privilegio que tenemos de estar pasando estas semanas en la Antarctica

No puedo esperar por saber qué sorpresas nos tiene preparadas Antarctica para mañana”

“1…2…3…4...5...6! 6 Humpback whales together! All of my team was really excited, but it wasn't until we saw how surprised Tara (our guide for the day) was that we realised that we were witnessing something really special.

The “family” of 6 allowed us to follow them for a while, and in only 10 minutes we were able to see 3 rounds of diving…18 tails in total!

In this expedition we have seen Humpback, Minke, Fin and even Orca whales, but every time we see a new one we still get impressed by the beauty of these incredible animals. When we realise that whales are only a small part of the amazing days we've had so far we appreciate again the immense privilege that is spending a couple of weeks in Antarctica.

I cant wait to see what surprises Antarctica has in store for tomorrow.”

Eitan Rovero-Shein,

Mexico City, 25

On Petermann we had another chance to get up close and personal with penguins, today they seemed to be even more inquisitive about us humans, if we stood still, they would come up close and check us out but mostly to use us as a shelter from the wind.

It had been a day to encompass all of our senses;

We see the morning light,
through the darkened snow clouds
doing its best to fight
hitting icebergs floating in crowds.

Painting our snow-based view
as penguins chatter in their paces,

with another golden hue,
As the icy wind hits our faces.

Every day we say ‘this feels more Antarctic than the day before’, but what we’re learning is that Antarctic is diverse, not a white wasteland to exploit, but a homely land to many creatures that just aren’t us.

lemaire small

Our second excursion of the day was really very special, we travelled back through the Lemaire Channel, but this time in the zodiacs, having been in awe of it just a day before from our ship, being inside this channel and seeing it all with the ship also in our view really gave us a better sense of perspective, the scale of it all was nearly daunting, realising how tall the mountains really are, and how tall the glacier faces are. We travelled through passing icebergs and amazing formations on glaciers, getting closer than we ever had before.

We closed the day with a talk from team member Edward who outlined a his work at NASA Ames, CA and set sail for our last stop on the Antarctic Peninsula, Neko Harbour, our favourite place to visit on IAE which we hope will be an amazing conclusion for everyone.

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    Enjoy your last few days. The images look awesome and your memories will last a lifetime!

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    Just fabulous, what a quite amazing adventure for these young people, and I suppose not so young people. The blogs are just great.

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