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June 16th, 2014

Think Global, Act Local: GEMS Modern Academy Mission is Underway

Think Global, Act Local: GEMS Modern Academy Mission is Underway

Robert has just returned from Dubai whereupon he reconnected with the GEMS Modern Academy. Just in time for World Environment Day, the Buccaneers reaffirmed their commitment to Antarctica following the recent 2014 International Antarctic Expedition. Robert discussed the Buccaneers progress with launching ‘PAPER’: Project to Actively Preserve Environmental Resources. The Buccaneers outlined a few components to their long-term action plan:

  • Conducting regular collection drives: paper, plastic and ink cartridges campus wide.
  • Energy efficiency: working towards reducing the amount of electricity. Starting with arranging competitions, per grade, for collection projects and overall energy reduction to provide an incentive for students to work towards a better environment.
  • Disconnect to connect: Unplugging devices from sockets, when not in use. As a subset of the energy efficiency program, this will help students realize exactly how much energy is wasted without being aware.
  • Less worksheets/circulars: Reducing the number of printed worksheets, especially in the lower grades, can help reduce costs—environmental as well as raw materials. This is a teacher-based campaign with a long-term goal aim of becoming a ‘green’ school. Additionally, the GEMS are working in conjunction with Nokia Siemens Networks, responsible for implementing such practices throughout the greater Dubai area. All shredding machines will no longer be available as printed paper will be used again to create a second life.
  • Just food: Decreasing food packaging in schools such as: plastic, paper bags, aluminum/cling foil. The first step will require online surveying—trying to determine the materials used and on what level. The bigger picture involves a change in thinking; encouraging students to use Tupperware and reconsider by-product usage.

Working off the ‘think global act local’ platform, the GEMS are well on the way with a strategy devoted to conserving the earth’s natural resources at a local level. Well done, Buccaneers!