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May 31st, 2011

Think Global, Act Local with Rob in Mumbai

Robert Swan with Nayantara & Siddharth Piramal

Robert Swan with Nayantara & Siddharth Piramal

Robert is currently in the city of Mumbai and in process of putting together a few elements for his Voyage for Cleaner Energy India Expedition which he will be undertaking later this year,at the end of 2011. As a major supporter for 2041′s Campaign in India, Harsh and Reshma Piramal of The Ashok Piramal Business Group have been helping him understand and approach the local issues pertaining to Climate change in India. Such issues include the preservation of the tiger and water scarcity.

Seen in the picture along with Robert is Harsh and Reshma’s daughter Nayantara, age 7 and their son, Siddharth, age 4. Both are doing their bit for the environment by putting up hand-drawn posters of ‘SAVE TREES’ and ‘SAVE WATER’ in their respective schools around Mumbai. In a developing country like India where more than 50% of the population is below 23 years of age, it is young leadership that is required to take up the environmental challenges for the future. Through Robert’s upcoming Expedition in India, he is keen to engage young people to take action on local issues plaguing the country with the motto of ‘THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL.’

Big Thanks to Harsh, his family and company for their continued support and commitment towards creating a positive impact in the environment and for their support towards 2041 in India.